After years of schooling and training as a musician, I walked away with a Bachelor in Music, but more burnout than passion to make my way in the music world. I got a job in the business sector in San Francisco, and after 3 years behind a desk, I found myself with severe chronic back pain that no doctor could help. It was in my search for a modality to help me with this pain that I discovered Hendrickson Method, and ultimately wound up changing careers. After my initial massage certification, I pursued advanced training in the Hendrickson Method of Massage and Manual Therapy (HM).  Now a teacher of HM and with 17 years in private practice, I have a breadth of experience addressing musculoskeletal injury and pain. I am also certified in Prenatal Massage and as a Birth Doula and am one of the few practitioners specializing in treating pregnant women using Hendrickson Method.

Outside of work you can find me with my wife and two kids absorbed in the raising of a family, reading the New York Times, singing, and getting into nature as often as possible.